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Personal Projects

These are just a few projects that I have had a chance to work on for my family.

Dresser and changing station


My brother and his wife were having their first child and wanted a nice dresser and changing area for him, they wanted something that they liked the style of and a piece that would stand up to a boys' abuse and be something he might want to take with him when he grew up. They gave me a couple pictures of what they liked and I made this in 2 pieces, the top section will come off for moving but also in case he just wants a regular dresser. They liked the sleigh bed style legs, they are solid wood as well as the top and drawer/door fronts. The case is veneered plywood. The drawers are 1/2" balitc birch ply sides and bottoms with full extension slides with 200lb capacity. They are 30" wide and big enough for him to crawl into and on, thus the heavy duty build. 

Him and his little brother share it for now and it seems to be standing up to both of them pretty well.

I also made him some toy trucks, I cut these on the router, turned axles and spacers for them and used stainless acorn nuts to hold them together. Made it out of Hickory.

Head board


Mom wanted a head board for their bed, nothing over board or too big since their room isn't. I came up with this simple design, 2 legs with caps of miter folded mdf and a sheet of mdf in teh center that I cut the design into. Then I just applied a few pieces of trim to it and sealed it for her to finish as she wanted. A quick and simple piece that she really likes.

Flower end tables


I borrowed this design from a teacher that took my cnc seminar and then modified it a little to suit my needs. ( I asked him before I did) It is Baltic Birch ply top and not shown are the legs. I cut the centers out so that they could be easily finished a different color and the legs are attched RTA style and half lapped so that they can be shipped flat if I ever get to sell any. Family member got these and I used a dye stain to get the bright colors and then clear coated. Top are app 30" diameter. 

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