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A few past projects that we have been a part of.

Hardwood Hogs


This was an effort with a good friend in college, we decided to build these with intentions to sell them. We took a general plan bought from a vendor and redesigned it to fit our needs and style. It turned into quite the project and was entered in the IWF student design show and was accepted to be shown in Atlanta that year. While we did not win our category, we were pleased to be accepted and had alot of fun doing it.


All the components were made by us with exception of the the hardware and the rear shocks. We cut a majority of the parts on a cnc router and we even cut and welded the handlebars. Each Hog had it's own serial number and we made a "title" for each of them. Ended up making 15 of them. 



Ross McCoy's Bench

This student designer came to me to help him machine the components of the bench. We worked together to carve the parts of the bench out of glued up blocks of mdf, after I machined them, he then did the final touches and finishing work. This bench ultimately won Best of Show at the 2010 IWF Design Emphasis show in Atlanta.

Fresno State running track


A local running track urethane manufacturer was hired to build a track that was made to be removeable and stored offsite. The track was built in sections made of a welded steel tubing frame and a plywood platform that they applied their urethane onto. Each section was it's own shape so each frame and plywood part was unique except for a mirrored part where the sheet could be flipped. All the sheets of plywood were cut on the cnc router. Very cool project to be a part of. 

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