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PRODUCTS A few we manufacture and sell

Bow Tie Picture Frame
Providing car enthusiasts a creative way to display their hard work.

Designed in house, these picture frames are made to display a 4x6 picture complete with cover glass and a hanger incorporated so you can either hang it or set it on a shelf etc. Currently in red with white center.

$20.00 each with free shipping in the US.


Pistol Display rack
For the small shop owner


These were first made for a local gun shop owner that needed to store the guns in safes every night, he needed a rack that he could display and move the guns quickly and safely without banging them up. I came up with a rack that holds 6 pistols both single stack and double stack magazine style pistols. Plastic posts to protect the gun, each rack comes with 6 of each type post. 


Reproduction Motor Shaft Cover
For Delta/Rockwell machine motors


We are reproducing these to replace the original shaft cover that are commonly missing or damaged on machines that have a shaft on each end of the motor but are only using one end. Common machine that will have this setup is a drill press. This cover caps the shaft that is exposed and not used. 

We make them in 3 different styles and sizes, contact us for more details and prices.


Reproduction Light Bracket
Fits Delta Rockwell machines


These are reproductions of the bracket used to hold the famous retirement light on drill presses and bandsaws etc. Each plate is cut to match the original brackets, complete with square holes in each end to capture the carraige bolts. The bolt heads and body are turned to match the originals as well. One set includes 4 plates, 3 bolts and 1 spacer. Bare finish.


Reproduction Bugle Bolts
5/16-24 with 9/16" hex head


These are the popular bolts that Delta Rockwell made for their machinery stands. These are correct in every dimension to the original bolts made by them. We have them in raw steel (12L14 alloy) and also have a limited amount of Stainless Steel. They are sold each and have a correct lock washer and nut included. 


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